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Voice announcements made quick and easy!

Calling the sales staff for a meeting? Cake in the board room? Calling the kids to dinner? School-wide announcements through every teacher's computer? Echoes makes it easy to send quick voice announcements to other Macs running Echoes on your local network. Echoes is different from Skype, FaceTime, and other voice chat applications because it eliminates "dialing" or setting up connections with your recipients. Push a button, say your message and it's delivered to all, with superb sound quality.

Conference Companion

Forever change the landscape of meeting planners by making conferences both paperless and interactive by harnessing the power of Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Once experienced, you will never go back.

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PhoneValet, Parliant's award-winning call recording and voice mail system has been discontinued.
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PhoneHerald, Parliant's automated group dialing, message delivery and response collection system, has been discontinued.
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