The Mac and iOS development experts

Parliant Corporation: The iOS development experts

At Parliant we are devoted to the vast potential of mobile software, and believe Apple's iOS operating system is the best mobile platform in the world to unleash that potential.

We use our personal expertise to help you fulfill your goals by designing and implementing mobile software that helps you:

  • cut operational costs
  • increase personal productivity of you and your staff
  • offer the most professional mobile software available

At Parliant, we know iPhones. Our team of iPhone developers are experts in developing for this new platform, with a combined experience of over 50 years in iPhone toolkits: the Cocoa development environment, and precursor Objective-C technologies. As the acknowledged Mac telephony experts, our products have won the Macworld Best of Show award twice and the coveted Editor's Choice award from Macworld Magazine. We have used that expertise to become experts in Apple's iOS mobile platform. Let us put all this expertise to work on your products today!

Parliant has deep roots in the Apple community. Founder and CEO Kevin Ford is a celebrated serial entrepreneur who has devoted his high tech career to several Mac-related product and services companies. He has attracted an elite, creative team of telephony, usability, programming, hardware engineering, manufacturing and marketing specialists. This team is totally devoted to discovering, building and promoting new solutions for the iOS-using community.

With offices in the USA and Canada, Parliant's R&D lab is located in Silicon Valley North — in Ottawa, Canada — home to R&D centers for companies such as Cisco, Ciena, Ericsson, Alcatel, Research in Motion, Entrust and Mitel.

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